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Learn why you should weigh every load for quality and freight costs.
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Lantech, the inventor of stretch wrapping, builds stretch wrappers, case erectors, shrink tunnels, and pallet conveyors. Founded in 1972, Lantech has more than 150 U.S. and foreign patents for its packaging machine innovations. Its Global network of 175 sales offices and can provide the stretch wrapping, case handling, shrink packaging, palletizing and conveying equipment to improve productivity and reduce packaging costs any place in the world.

Stretch Wrap Equipment

Overview of stretch wrap and pallet wrapping equipment.

The pallet wrapper is a critical piece of packaging equipment. We have developed a wide variety of pallet wrapping machines including semi-automatic pallet wrappers, automatic pallet wrapping, and a horizontal pallet wrapper to handle the requirements of any manufacturing or distribution environment.

Case Equipment

Overview of case erectors and case sealer equipment.

Lantech sets new case erector and case sealer standards. Innovative case erectors eliminate costly machine jams through positive case control and you can be sure a Lantech case erector will consistently deliver a "square" case. A Lantech case sealer is the perfect end-of packaging-line choice.

Shrink Wrap Equipment

Overview of shrink tunnels.

Shrink tunnels from Lantech will revolutionize your ability to produce high quality shrink packages. No other shrink tunnel is as reliable, easy to use, or delivers such consistent performance. Our ground breaking convection shrink tunnel takes the hard and tedious work out of setup and adjustment.  
NEW L-Series Automatic Stretch Wrappers set new performance standards and work especially well with difficult or hard to wrap loads. These new, state-of-the-art stretch wrap machines incorporate Lantech's family of LeanWrapTM innovations as standard features. Metered Film Delivery, exclusive on L-Series pallet wrappers, eliminates film breaks and reduces film cost.

Also, the L-Series Automatic pallet wrapper has Machine Generated Performance Data that provides detailed productivity reports to floor personnel or, via Ethernet, to a central monitoring system.

Use the Containment Force Tool from Lantech to adjust pallet wrapping settings to have the proper containment force on all your loads. This tool should be a requirement in either your semi-automatic stretch wrap environment or automatic pallet wrapping environment.

XT Cut and Clamp® on the semi-automatic stretch wrapper cuts and secures film at the end of the load cycle eliminating wasted time getting on and off the fork truck. Also, some Lantech pallet wrappers come standard with Pallet Grip®. Pallet Grip® eliminates loads sliding off of the pallet which reduces damage by locking the load to the pallet.

Our versatile case sealers are easy to operate, require no scheduled maintenance, yet still provide the highest levels of case sealer quality. Also, Lantech case erectors have unique slotted flap folders that fold the major flaps while the case is stationary. Every Lantech case erector and case sealer features ergonomic designs and fast, simple changeovers.

The Lantech case erector has a powered magazine that consistently delivers blanks to proper pickup (feed) position. Also, our case erectors come equiped with a pickup frame that provides positive control of cases and overcomes manufacturing variations in the cases.

Our case equipment creates "good packages" by squaring up the case where the bottom flaps meet evenly without overlapping, and the sealing tape is applied evenly and has equal “legs” on the side of the box.

Lantech case sealers will offer you the best solution if you want to automate the process of sealing cases or want to simply upgrade or replace older equipment. Our case sealers handle all types of flutes, double wall and single wall, and most common size cases.
Lantech shrink wrap machine equipment makes consistently good packages. Our shrink wrapper will significantly improve productivity levels by reducing rework as a result of poor package quality.

Lantech shrink tunnels are reliable and create good packages by utilizing a "soft convection" shrink process. Our shrink tunnels offer an efficiently designed chamber that uniformly bathes the film bubble with hot air through the shrink tunnel.
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