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10 Step Process for Damage Reduction*
Through More Effective Stretch Wrapping

Getting Started
1. Adopt Containment Force as a critical specification for damage reduction. (Recommend Lantech CFT-5 tool)
2. Suggest starting with Lantech Recommended Containment force to establish the Wrapping Standard. (See Containment Force Recommendations)
3. Evaluate "current condition" including Containment Force, effective load bond to pallet, and film tails.

Wrap a "Safe" Load
4. Establish the required revolutions of film at a realistic and sustainable Wrap Force to establish desired Containment Force on the load. Do not just turn up wrap force to a level that may result in unacceptable film breaks.
5. Confirm that at least the Recommended Containment Force is everywhere on the load.
6. Avoid Reducing gage and/or increasing prestretch without considering the impact on sustainable Wrap Force and resulting Containment Force.

Maintain the Process
7. Establish a Wrapping Standard to include Recommended Containment Force, effectively bonded load to pallet, and no film tails.
8. Add all Machine Settings and Film Choices required to maintain the desired containment force into the Wrapping Standard.
9. Measure Containment Force frequently.
10. Establish timely process for reacting to any discovered variance from Wrapping Standard.

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