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Lan-ringer™ Automatic Stretch Wraper

Lantech's Lan-ringer™ is custom built for heavy loads that require high wrap force. With over 30 years of application knowledge built-in, the Lan-ringer includes a 5 thick steel precision bearing, an exclusive dual support roll carriage, a 5 HP all in one unit, Allen Bradley touch screen, a robust power-thru conveyor system and Lan-logix state of the art control system.

   Specs / Pricing


PLC Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500
HMI / Touchscreen Allen Bradley PanelView 600+ Monochrome
Logic Lan-Logix™ powered by RS Logix 500

Film Delivery System
Power Roller-Stretch® 150% Standard
100-300% Available
Wrapping Force Adjustable
Film Capacity 10" Roll Diameter
20" Film Width
Film Break Detection Standard

Electrical Requirements
Machine Voltage 460V

Air Requirements
Clean, Dry Air 3-5 CFM, 80 PSI

1 year
Unlimited cycles
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